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ACT Biotech

NGN Capital led a $24 million Series A financing of ACT Biotech, a spin-out from Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

In 2013, ACTB sold its clinical stage assets to Eddingpharm:

John R. Costantino holds a seat on the board of directors, and Dr. Bernard Peperstraete – previously Partner at NGN, now CEO at iCareDx - continues to serve as acting president and CEO, and independent director to the Board.

ACT Biotech is based in New York, NY

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Cerapedics, Inc.

NGN Capital led a $15 million Series B financing of Cerapedics, Inc., a medical device company that is developing a bone graft substitute for use in spinal fusion surgery and other orthopedic procedures.

Cerapedics’ i-Factor putty, a novel osteobiologic that includes a small peptide, enhances the natural bone healing process but at a much lower cost than the leading bone growth factor. Compared with the other options currently in use, it is a more reliable enhancer of fusion and/or has fewer potential side effects. i-Factor is currently being evaluated in a large U.S. clinical trial that is expected to prove that it is both safe and highly effective. i-Factor carries the CE mark and is currently being sold outside the U.S.

Noah J. Kroloff holds a seat on the board of directors and Kenneth S. Abramowitz holds an observer seat.

Cerapedics is located in Westminster, CO.

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Endosense SA

NGN Capital led a CHF 37.4M Series C financing of Endosense SA, a commercial stage medical device company focused on minimally invasive treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

 Endosense has developed a unique and proprietary catheter ablation system for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The company pioneered the use of contact-force measurement in catheter ablation with the development of TactiCath, the first force sensing ablation catheter to give physicians a real-time, quantitative and objective measure of contact force between the catheter tip and the beating heart wall during the ablation procedure.  The product is CE marked and being distributed in Europe and other countries.

In August of 2003, Endosense was acquired by St. Jude Medical.

 Endosense is headquartered in Meryn/Geneva, Switzerland.

Exosome Diagnostics

NGN Capital and Forbion Capital Partners co-led a $20 million Series A financing of Exosome Diagnostics, a developer of proprietary body-fluid based molecular diagnostic tests with applications in oncology.

Exosome Diagnostics is developing body fluid-based cancer diagnostics using its exosome-based technology for disease stratification and patient response monitoring. Exosome Diagnostics' technology allows for minimally invasive testing of cancer specific genes from standard blood and urine samples.

Dr. Peter Johann holds a seat on the board of directors.

Exosome Diagnostics is headquartered in Boston, MA, and has a subsidiary in Munich, Germany.

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Medrium, Inc.

NGN Capital led a $10.5 million Series C financing of Medrium, Inc., a roll-up of medical billing practices.

Medrium offers outsourced billing services for high-volume, hospital-based physician practices primarily in the emergency medicine and radiology specialties. With dedicated resources and proprietary technology, Medrium provides several benefits to clients such as reduced error/rejection rates, faster reimbursement from payers, improved operational workflow, and sophisticated analytics for managing time per procedure. Medrium’s growth strategy involves completing acquisitions in key specialties or geographic regions in a manner that would take advantage of its existing technology and expertise.

In October 2012, Medrium was acquired by AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions.

Medrium is headquartered in Morristown, NJ.


NGN Capital led a €33 million Series D round of financing, joined by existing investors TVM Capital, Sofinnova Partners, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, Seventure Partners, and others.

NOXXON Pharma AG (NOXXON) is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of mirror image oligonucleotide therapeutics called Spiegelmers® for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and hematological disorders. Currently, the company has two compounds in clinical development, and one entering clinical development in 2011. The company has pre-clinical Spiegelmers in additional indications

Dr. Peter Johann holds a seat on the board of directors.

Noxxon AG is based in Berlin , Germany

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Resverlogix Corp. (TSX:RVX)

NGN Capital led a $20 million PIPE financing of Resverlogix Corp., a publicly traded biotechnology company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

Resverlogix is a clinical stage company with a proprietary platform for discovery and development of orally available small molecule inducers of ApoA1, a key functional component of HDL (the “good” cholesterol). Resverlogix also has programs to develop compounds that target molecular markers of inflammation for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders and Alzheimer´s Disease.

Dr. Peter Johann holds a seat on Resverlogix’ board of directors.

Resverlogix is located in Calgary, Alberta.

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NGN Capital participated in a $20 million Series D financing of Spine View, Inc., a medical device company that has developed and is selling unique less invasive powered tools for use in spine surgery and treatment.
SpineView’s powered tools remove tissue more quickly, more completely and with less risk than the current standard method, which is highly invasive scraping using simple manual tools.  In the case of surgical discectomy, the company’s drill-like tools enable faster and easier fusion procedures as a result of more complete and efficient tissue removal.  In the case of non-surgical, or interventional, procedures, the company’s spinning needle-like devices allow for rapid tissue removal with a minimal incision and are used in spine fusion and disc decompression.

Kenneth S. Abramowitz holds an observer seat on the board of directors.

SpineView is located in Fremont, CA.

Valtech Cardio, Ltd

NGN Capital led a $7.75 million Series B financing of Valtech Cardio, Ltd., a medical device company engaged in mitral valve repair using minimally invasive technology.

Currently, repair of the mitral valve requires open heart surgery. Valtech’s technology will allow for repair of the mitral valve via a minimally invasive procedure. Conversion of mitral valve repair to less invasive methods is expected to reduce the risk, duration and cost of such procedures and also considerably increase the pool of candidate patients, many of whom are otherwise clinically unsuitable for a traumatic open heart procedure.

Kenneth S. Abramowitz and Noah J. Kroloff hold seats on the board of directors and John R. Costantino holds an observer seat.

Valtech Cardio, Ltd. is located in Or-Yehuda, Israel.

Vivaldi Biosciences, Inc.

NGN Capital co-led an initial investment of a targeted $30 million Series A financing of Vivaldi Biosciences, Inc.

Vivaldi is an emerging flu vaccine company developing unique live attenuated vaccines for seasonal and pandemic influenza.

Dr. Peter Johann and John Costantino hold seats on the board of directors.

Vivaldi is based in New York, New York.



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